Drowning In Total Darknessā€¦..She Became My Light.

I was a man who had it all. The perfect wife, terrific children, a beautiful home and my own business. Em and I were on top of the world. Until...we heard the word inoperable cancer. My entire world came crumbling down around me. I was losing my best friend, the love of my life. My new best friend became a bottle of bourbon. I am now a shell of a man drowning in my pain.

Watching my best friend fade before my eyes is almost more than I can take. Em and I have been friends since nursing school. I never dreamed when I received that call that I would be here taking care of her, watching her vibrance wither away before my eyes. We had to say goodbye way too soon, but I made her a promise and I intend to keep it. I refuse to let him drown in his sorrows. I only wanted to pull him from the darkness, keep my promise, but life has other plans.